Valmint Music

Stoke the Flame

I tempted you and you gave in
Although you knew it was forbidden
But baby I am free of sin
My yearnings are no longer hidden

Baby you're as hot as hell
Your magic got me in its spell
I cannot leave although I should
To leave you now I never could

In the beginning it was just a game
To see who looks away as first
To hear who starts to stutter
I like to call it 'stoke the flame'
I like to see you melt like butter

Your silken skin, your softest sigh
Your trembling lips and evil eyes
Your luscious hips and daring smile
You're a goddess and my faith I can't deny

You made me whole and confident
And showed what it's all about
And still I cannot comprehend
How you could have screamed so loud

In the beginning …

As even though it was a sin
We did what we just had to do
I now feel peace so deep within
As even though I know him too

I see you wriggling 'round the place
I whisper things into your ear
And you begin to mutter:
I just can't stand to feel your heat
'Cause I'm already at your feet

In the beginning …

— Huba

© Valmint