Valmint Music


My dear your face turns hard and strong
Makes me forget where I belong
And all that you have done before
It makes no sense to me no more

The night was swallowed by the day
Took all my hopes and dreams away
Put on your clothes, kiss me good-bye
Can't say a word, afraid to cry

Morning is a wet cold storm
Leaves nothing back to keep me warm
It takes away the truth of night
And wants me to stand up and fight
Against what seemed so real before
I don't want to wake up no more
Don't want to wake up no more
Don't want to wake up

Morning seems to be so cruel
It knocks me down call me a fool
Whenever you have gone my dear
All doubts and lies you left them here

Hold on the time, hold back the night
Wishing there would be a place to hide
Stay in the warmth of my bed
Please turn the sunrise to sunset

Morning is a …

— Ragna

© Valmint