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Dear Love,
Lately you haven't been around
And so I asked myself are you alright
And where you are and whom you found
It's been quite a time since we met
And I hope you still remember me

Do you recall the fun we had
In all those nights so far away?
At last we met one summerday
And you promised me things that were to come
As I headed in, head over heels
You played your tricks … and ran

At first I was pissed
Never wanted to see you again
But over the years I missed
The tender kiss only you could bring
Please Love come home and make me smile
Please Love come home … at least a while

You're too long gone and I regret
That I ever treated you so bad
But there is one thing I wanna say
And I hope you don't misunderstand
'Cause if you don't come back today
I'm out of hope, out of the play

I won't beg and I won't cry
I won't kneel and I won't try
To ask you for another time, if you
Don't return without further ado
I'm done with you
Sincerely, Me

— Huba

© Valmint