Valmint Music

Free Fall

Where the horizon ends
At the end of the track
Like an unborn child
Just like a sperm to an egg
What has been there first
Don't try to answer that
Just one of those questions
To make people go mad
Go where anybody's opinion
Isn't a penny of worth
Free of that evolution's curse

It is a free ascending fall
It is a free ascending fall
Close your eyes, stop any thoughts
That rise begins

And the air hasn't been
Breathed a thousand times
And no need to ask
And no need to be suppliant
And no word is there
To fade your truth away
No compromise to make
'Cause you won't stay
Rising in a fast motion
Backwards up
Feeling safe in that endless home

It is a free …

It pushed you up higher and higher
In an amazing speed
Everything became smaller and smaller
And nothing left that you need
That you've been hunted below
It is forgotten now
Free of socialisation
And mutilation somehow
With an inhuman power
That takes you out of here
Everything is far away, only you are near

It is a free …

Close your eyes, stop any thoughts
That rise begins, go higher and higher
And higher, to your free ascending fall

— Ragna

© Valmint