Valmint Music

Day By Day

Sometimes I'm scared to go the wrong way
Although I know the price you want me to pay
The conditions are too bad and you're not able to deal
Only time could help letting fade what I feel
Day by day
Day by day

Sometimes I'm sitting here staring at the dumb phone
Cannot think, cannot move, cannot leave my home
Then I'm sorry to have put that pressure on you
But you've set me too free, nothing else left to do
Day by day
Day by day

Sometimes you have to walk away
'Cause it hurts you the most if you try to stay
Take the first step and don't look back
And a new morning breaks through the dark
Day by day
Day by day
Day by day

Sometimes I miss you so badly,
Hear your voice everywhere
Feel that silk of your touch
Smell that spring of your hair
And that scar close to your eye
That I once did to you
To forget about that
It is so hard to do
Day by day
Day by day

Sometimes sadness turns into bitter hate
You left me behind, colorblind in that winter's shade
With that white rush in my ears, with withdrawals pain
But I am not afraid, I will loosen that chain

Sometimes you have to …

— Ragna

© Valmint