Valmint Music


The highway hides in dense fog
While I drive on and on
And it makes no difference to us
That so many days are gone

All the way to that well-known place
These old memories come and go
Your voice is always in my ear
And this wooden smell is in my nose

Water ain't as thick as blood
And it keeps me all chained up
The promise made by flesh and bone
Still keeps me chasing for my home
Water ain't as thick as blood

Your tender poison is in every pore
You will survive in every cell
I know that I'm depending on
Your love is like heaven and like hell

All the way to the well-known place
I remember how you do me wrong
They say the first cut is the deepest
It kills you or it makes you strong

Water ain't as thick …

— Ragna (with Huba)

© Valmint